Choosing the Perfect Formal Mermaid Gown

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Nowadays, women have a lot of options when it comes to buying formal gowns. For women who want to highlight their shapely silhouette in a beautiful illusion gown, a formal mermaid gown is a perfect option. The mermaid gown, also known as a trumpet dress is a relatively new design which is gaining popularity in the official world.

Mermaid gown

Very much like the mythical ocean mermaid, a mermaid style formal gown starts out at the top with a tapered waist and then tightens around your waist, hugging your body before it flares out at the bottom. The gown close-fits you from your upper body up to the knees, where it starts to flare out, forming the shape of a fishtail or trumpet.

The gown allows you to paint a picture of grace and sophistication in a form-fitting jersey formal dress.

For a stunning designer look, there’re a lot of factors to consider when choosing a mermaid gown. Some of the major factors include;


While the mermaid flare might vary between how far from the hips to the bottom it flares out, it’s the mermaid design that you will love because of its ability to bring out and accentuate your curves.

And just like many other forms of formal wear, the gown is available in a variety of styles, colors, material, and designs. There’s a gown for every tastes and sensibility with each type of mermaid gown having its unique benefits and will flatter different body shapes.

For instance, the mermaid gowns with an elegant train or the trumpet gowns that fluffs out near the knees are both perfect styles for a designer red carpet look. On the other hand, a trendy two-piece dress or a color print gown will cast you at the center stage at your next formal meeting.

For a fun, flirty end year office party, you can slip into one of the strapless sweetheart prom gowns that feature trendy necklines for youthful vibes.

Therefore, whether you choose a v-neck or a sweetheart neckline, there are assortments of mermaid gowns that can add a touch of Hollywood glamour and are a sure way to make you feel like a celebrity.


For the perfect height, you should first consider where the gown starts to flare out. If you want to accentuate your body or create the perfect hourglass body shape, you may want to select a dress that flares up just at the hips. The hip-height allows you to conceal issues with your thighs and is similar to a bridal gown.

If you want to show off more of your skin, including your back, you should select a gown that is tight further down and flares from the mid-thigh to lower.

Lastly, if you are looking for a more customary mermaid gown, select a formal dress that flares from the knee, and has the effect of looking like a mermaid tail. The customary mermaid height will provide your flare with a “bounce” and make you look elegant.

Width of flare

The width of the flare depends on the style of the gown. For instance, a slim flare widens more than an A-line skirt and has a subtle effect on your shape. You can achieve a wider flare by layering tulle under the dress fabric. If you’re looking for an edgy formal look, you might consider a fuller flare starting around the knee.


Two of the most common formal gown material is silk and lace. Depending on your taste, the flares can be made of the same material as the rest of the gown, or they can be made out of different materials.For a more fluidly, feminine and edgy look, you can select a gown covered with feather flower ruffles. To find a good dress check