General Information On The Eyebrow Embroidery


All women and also some men dream about expressive and beautiful eyebrows, but unfortunately, not everyone has the ideal shape of eyebrows. But every woman knows only with well-decorated, correct eyebrows; your makeup will look complete. The eyebrow embroidery is quickly being embraced by women across the world. To create a beautiful shape of eyebrows, girls are constantly forced to tint them, pluck, strike.

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kjkjkjkjkjkjkjjkjkjkBut modern cosmetology stepped forward and today such a procedure as an eyebrow embroidery opens up new opportunities! Eyebrow embroidery is one of the most popular procedures available today for the fair sex. It will help to make your face brighter and more expressive, as well as facilitate the daily process of applying makeup. How to do eyebrow embroidery?

Techniques of eyebrow embroidery

There are several methods of eyebrow embroidery by which cosmetologists answer the question of modern fashionist as how to get the right shape of eyebrows. Very popular are techniques of feathering and hair tattooing of eyebrows. With the first technique you can achieve naturally and organically shaped eyebrows, they look as if they are only slightly embellishing by pencil. When performing hair tattooing of eyebrows fine lines that mimic the hair are drawn. Hair tattooing of eyebrows can be using two techniques:

European technique

European technique involves drawing stroke of approximately equal length parallel to each other. It is more suitable for girls with a European type of appearance, as it allows making a line of hair neat and “growing” in the same direction.

Eastern technique

It embodies in the fact that finishing touches are put with different lengths and not parallel to each other and not copying natural growth of hair. This technique is more suitable for owners of the dense and dark eyebrows. With this techniques, you can get a better-traced eyebrows that look very natural.

In recent years become a popular so-called mixed technique in which feathering is performed in more light pigment and hair in black paint.

Whether to do eyebrow embroidery? Weigh the pros and cons

jjjhjhjhhjjhhIf you want to make eyebrow embroidery you should weigh all the pros and cons of this procedure, learn what are the effects of tattooing eyebrows. On the one hand, with the help of this procedure can be made the more attractive shape of eyebrows. Sparse eyebrows can be made thick, light – dark, correct asymmetry of the eyebrows. After this procedure, you can forget about the morning make-up, do not worry about their appearance in the pool or the sea.…

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