How To Remove Makeup 


Makeup it an important part of a woman’s life which is almost like an important component of a daily routine for other people. There are times that women ornament themselves in a much better manner during some special occasion like the wedding and parties and while there is no denying the importance of makeup, you should also remember to remove makeup in a safe way to keep your skin soft, supple and healthy.

Removing makeup can be a messy business that leaves you will panda eyes, clogged lashes and an advanced likelihood of future wrinkles appearing due to repetitive forceful removal methods.

Makeup removing tips

• Choose a mascara remover which is soft and gentle, but not greasy or laden with chemicals. Any agent which you are using so close to your eyes could accidentally find its way in and cause irritation and discomfort.

• If your eyes feel sore after mascara removal, then you could try gently wiping slices of cool cucumber over the afflicted area.

• Chemical ridden removal agents can also cause allergies to the unfortunate few who are susceptible to their harshness. This can result in pain and puffiness which is difficult to easily sooth.

• Where this occurs intervention by a pharmacist or even a doctor in serious cases, may be necessary.

• Mascara removal pads are ideal removal agents, especially if they have natural added soothing ingredients such as calming Chamomile or Lavender in them.

• To begin with, do not wipe the pad directly over your eye area. This causes unnecessary dragging of the skin around the eyes and can lead to wrinkles appearing way before they are naturally due to do so.

• The aim is to remove the main body of mascara by folding the pad in two and placing your eyelashes, sandwiched in-between the two folds.

• Never pull your lashes. They will grow back if you accidentally pull some out but it will leave your eyes red and sore if you do so.

• Gently squeeze your fingers over the folded pad as you ease it along the length of your lashes. Repeat this action until mascara stops appearing on the pad, and use several pads if needed.

• Now fold a fresh pad in two again. Where the crease of the fold is, using the other side of the pad, carefully wipe the ridge made by the fold of the pad along your lash line to remove any traces of mascara from the roots of your lashes.

• Repeat the procedure on your bottom lashes as well as the top, and you will have completed the procedure without any excess tugging or wiping of the delicate eye area.

Rule of the thumb

drfcgdcfvhbNever go to bed with your makeup on as that can hamper your skins quality, softness, and health; eventually making you look older than your age. Others claim that it made their skin rough and dull mainly due to the remnants of the chemicals that come with applying makeup. Scary isn’t it?



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